Argul, also known as The Deposed King is a character from Darksiders 2, he was formally the king of the Underworld before being overthrown by The Lord of Bones, while not appearing in the story directly, he does get talk about sometime in the story by Than and the Chancellor.

Argul is one of the four bosses in the optional sidequest given by Than and is one of the five optional bosses of Darksiders 2, of the optional bosses, he is often considered by many Players as one of the hardest bosses in the game, tho for wrong reasons.

Why He Sucks

  1. Argul has a lot of health, even more then the final boss.
  2. Argul can do crazy amounts of damage, some can take large chunks of your health.
  3. Most of Argul's attacks are hard to avoid.
  4. The Over Head Slam is not only hard to avoid as it can cover a lot of ground, but it can also freeze you in place and can also do continues damage, even after breaking free.
  5. If you attack Argul for too long, not only can he block it with his shield, but he can also charge at you with his shield, causing cheap hard hitting hits.
  6. When Argul lose around half of his health, he will so the Tornado Spin attack, which he spins all around while homing in on the Player, this is probable the most difficult part of the battle, as not only is this attack hard to avoid and can do crazy amounts of damage, but it can also combo you.
  7. Argul has Super Armor, meaning that he will attack you even after being hit.
  8. If you lose to Argul, you have to start the entire level all over again just so you can refight him.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Argul is completely optional, so he isn't recommended to beat the game.
  2. Argul has an interesting backstory.
  3. Argul's design is really awesome.
  4. If you beat Argul, you can get his weapon, The Sceptor of the Deposed King, which, while not the strongest weapon, is still pretty powerful.


  1. Be sure to be at least level 15 or higher before facing Argul.
  2. After Argul comes out of the ice, he will always do an Over-Head Slam.
  3. Make sure you have the weapon, Bheithir's Talons, as they do massive inferno damage on Argul.
  4. Argul has a pattern, a Massive hammer strike, shield rush, double hammer strike, and then another massive hammer strike. When his health is low enough, he begins to use his tornado spin attack before he does the massive hammer strike.
  5. Get as many Health and Wrath Potions as you can.
  6. If keep going on your right (Argul's left), you can dodge most of Argul's attacks.