Apocalypse is the main antagonist and the final boss fight of X-men vs. Street Fighter and the sub-final boss of Marvel Vs Street Fighter. Unlike most of the other fighting game bosses from this wiki who are known for their brutal AI, Apocalypse is here because he is too easy.

Why He Sucks

  1. Most of Apocalypse attacks are too easy to dodge or don't do much damage (or chip damage if blocked).
  2. He has only one really powerful attack, which consists in turning his hand into a drill (it deals a lot of damage and chip damage), however this attack can be easily evaded by just using a super jump.
  3. Apocalypse is pretty slow in terms of attacks and movement.
  4. He also has a really important weakness; since he has two weak points (his face and hand) that are always exposed, an attack of huge range (like Magneto's Magnetic Tempest) will hit both points and deal much more damage that it would normally do to a regular character.
  5. In MSHvsSF Apocalypse gained a really powerful eye laser attack, however if this attack is blocked it would do barely anything.
  6. His only strength in XMvsSF, his enormous amount of life was removed in MSFvsSF making him beatable by just using strong punch over and over.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His theme song is pretty good in both games.
  2. You can play as Apocalypse in both XvSF and MSHvSF, and he is broken and he had two unused moves: one was to shoot energy balls from his hand and one can turn his hand into a pincer (MSHvSF only).
  3. At least he isnt an insufferable nightmare like most fighting game bosses.