Hey at least this boss fight had good potential and is not totally anticlimactic right?

Absalom (also known as The Avatar of Chaos) was the formal leader of the Horseman of the Apocolips before being recreated by Corruption, he is the main antagonist and the twentyth (twentyfouth if counting the three optional bosses) and final boss of Darksiders 2, and for over eight years, the final boss of the Darksiders series before Darksiders 3, although not too terribly designed, many fans considered him as one of the blander bosses in the game.

Why He Sucks

  1. Absalom doesn't have much in a way of build up unlike the previous antagonist, he only appears in two scenes (three if counting the backstory).
  2. Most of Absalom's attacks do very little damage.
  3. Depending on how you both level up and geared up, this boss fight is can get too easy.
  4. Absalom's attacks are very bland and not cool to look at, all they are is axe swipes and tentacle attacks.
  5. Abaslom has a last ditch attack that can caues a cheap hit after depleting his health bar, the only way to avoid it is by using a range weapon.
  6. This boss fight comes right after Samael, who's battle is far more challanging, which is pretty sad considering that Absalom is the final boss of the game.
  7. Disappointing ending after the battle.
  8. This was, for a while, the final boss fight in the entire Darksiders series.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Absalom's design is awesome.
  2. Absalom's overall character is alright, plus he has a tragic backstory.
  3. Epic music.
  4. This battle is unect, as Absalom has three phases, each after losing a sertant amount of health.
    1. First stage, Absalom will fight in his normal size.
    2. Second stage, Absalom will get an increase in size and will gain new attacks.
    3. Third stage, Absalom will fight in his normal size again and will gain even more attacks.
  5. Darksiders 3 was made, so it is not the end of the Darksiders series.
  6. In New Game+, you can unlock Absalom's weapon.